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Royalty Free Images and Textures

    Extremely hi-resolution references, matte painting and photobashing assets for digital artists. Check out the masked and free packs!
  • CGTextures
    The industry's number one website for free high quality textures! Cheap memberships grant you even more downloads.
  • TextureMate
    Free texture packs, stock images, brush packs and more.
  • Fotoscopy
    Free community base site offers completely free stocks photo under the Creative Commons license.
  • Megascans
    Incredible collection of high quality scanned assets and textures created by the talented people over at Quixel.
  • Poliigon
    Great website with texture materials, many based of scanned sources. Also offers some free textures.
  • 3D.SK
    An amazing and massive collection of human photo references and textures.

Recommended Art Books

Art Related Facebook Groups

  • Level Up!
    Our homebase! Level-Up is an educational art platform mixed with livestreams, interviews and more!
    Join over 120k members to get feedback or critiques on your work.
  • Sketchbook Challenge
    Group focused on sharing sketching practice and improving your drawing skills.
  • Frame Dump
    Awesome storyboard themed group to share the best visual storytelling images.
  • Daily Spitpaint
    Daily speedpainting challenge with limited time and tools. Great for learning.
  • Team Awesome
    Group that focuses on improving your art through constructive feedback, critiques and overpainting.
  • Art Buddies
    This group allows you to share art and resources with the community.
  • A Pint Of Special
    A nice group where artists share daily designs, paintings, sketches and other projects with each other.
  • Digital Art Tutorials
    Share tutorials, demos or any other art content with the purpose of getting better. A great educational platform!
  • Urban Sketchers
    A group dedicated to raising the artistic, storytelling and educational value of traditional location drawing and sketching.
  • Draw Or Die
    The name says it all. Join the group and challenge yourself to get better at art!
  • Virtual Plein Air
    A group to share "Virtual Plein Air" paintings based off google street view.

Art Related Blogs

  • Muddy Colors
    A Fantasy Art Collective - Amazing articles from the top of the industry!
  • Gurney Journey
    Weblog by James Gurney with practical studio tips and first-hand reports from art schools and museums.
  • CTRL+Paint
    The Ctrl+Paint blog is an opportunity to expand beyond the scope of it's huge video library. Wheter it's workflow, career topics, or inspiration, these weekly articles explore the broader world of digital painting.
  • Parka Blog
    A very helpful blog with a lot of book reviews. You can find the reviews in the List "Instructional and Reference Art Books" featuring +1000 Art Book Reviews, Anime Artbooks, Animation & some Pop Culture.

Inspirational and Must Watch Documentaries

  • Life
    Stunning BBC series about the fauna and flora of earth.
  • Planet Earth
    Another beautiful BBC series focusing on life in different environments of the planet.
  • Frozen Planet
    This series takes you on a journey through the beautiful arctic.
  • Africa
    Gorgeous series about wildlife on the African continent.
  • Samsara & Baraka
    Two jaw-dropping films with world imagery shot on 70mm over the span of several decades.
  • In Search Of Moebius
    Documentary about Frenchman Jean Giraud, one of the most influential comic illustrators and authors of all time.

Various Links & Resources

  • Hundreds Of Sparrows
    Some really nice custom tools and scripts for Photoshop and C4D by artist Sergey Kritskiy.
  • Verve
    A little, but powerful painting application which features amazing color blending and fluid simulation.
  • Lazy Nezumi
    Lazy Nezumi Pro is a Windows app that helps you draw smooth, beautiful lines, with your mouse or pen tablet.
  • List Of Livestreams
    Live updating list of the most popular livestreams from illustrators and concept artists. See who's streaming now!
  • Alchemy
    Really cool tool to create abstract shape ideas and concepts.
  • RefBoard
    RefBoard is a lightweight image viewer that displays reference images over any windowed application!
  • Brusher
    Photoshop plugin tool that allows you to organize your brushes more easily.
  • Carapace
    Carapace is a simple tool that lets you place vanishing points and lets you create and check perspective on existing images.
  • Pureref
    A great lightweight and sleek tool to load references into when working on your art.

Useful & Inspiring Podcasts to Listen To While Creating

  • The Collective Podcast
    The Collective Podcast brings you weekly episodes of entertaining, informative, and honest discussions with creatives from around the world.
  • RadioLab Podcast
    Incredibly interesting radio show that focuses on topics of a scientific and philosophical nature.
  • Radiotopia
    Radiotopia is a collective of the best story-driven radio shows on the planet. Extremely interesting to listen to while painting or studying!
  • Dan Carlin's Harcore History
    Carlin has mastered the art of looking at subjects from multiple angles and dissecting and thinking about them in original ways.
  • Suggested Donation Podcast
    Hosted by two contemporary painters, Tony Curanaj and Edward Minoff, the conversations provide an insight into the creative mind.

Photoshop Brush/Tool Sets


Videos, Tutorials and Online Education

  • Ctrl+Paint
    A simply awesome website with loads of free digital art training!
  • Scott Robertson Design
    Scott Robertson's channel with loads of free videos about digital and traditional art and design.
  • Art Cafe
    Art Cafe mission is to open the world of art to everyone. Livestreams are hosted by industry-leading conceptual designer Maciej Kuciara.
  • FZD School
    Feng Zhu's channel has loads of videos with painting demos and knowledge about the entertainment industry.
  • Learn Squared
    Online education platform with outstanding courses in different fields. Created by and for industry professionals.
  • Digital Tutors
    Training videos for teaching artists and creative professionals how to make movies, games, digital art and more.
  • Ben Mauro
    Ben Mauro's channel featuring some great tutorials. Be sure to check out all the ZBrush goodies.
  • How to Draw-Proko
    Interesting Youtube channel where you can learn how to draw with Stan Prokopenko.
  • Ross Draws
    Fan art based YouTube Channel. Created by the talented Ross Tran who'll make you learn and laugh!
  • Gumroad Tutorials List
    Compilation of all gumroad tutorials released to this date, formatted into an easy to browse list hosted on Polycount.
  • Reddit: Art Fundamentals
    A subreddit to help those new to drawing, self taught and stagnating or otherwise lacking understanding of the fundamentals of drawing.

References and Visual Library Sources

  • Prime Portal
    Guns, tanks, jets... The most extensive collection of military references on the net!
  • MJRanum Stock
    Incredible gallery filled with quality human poses in different outfits and costumes.
  • ARKive
    A non-profit website dedicated to gathering photos and information about all life on earth.
  • Airliners
    Thousands of pictures of airplanes from all generations!
  • Art Of Swords
    A beautiful Tumblr filled to the brim with swords, blades and daggers.
  • OSF Costumes
    This rental website has a large catalog of historical clothes and armor. Great for dressing fantasy characters.
  • SkyscraperCity
    Awesome forum for all your architectural reference needs.
  • Earthporn
    Reddit selection of high-res photos from all around the planet!
  • QuickPoses
    A tool for artists to help with practicing gesture drawing and building a visual library of characters and models.
  • PoseSpace
    Great website with high-res photos of poses for digital life drawing and character art.
  • Insect Library
    Awesome collection of insect photography, beautifully shot by Nicky Bay.
  • Real Monstrosities
    Great source of inspiration for creature designers. Check out some of mother nature's weirdest and creepiest creations.
  • Rocket Tumblr
    Plenty of tech/vechicle refrences! All high-res and great quality!
  • English Russia
    Tons of interesting HQ pictures (military mostly) directly from Russia everyday.
  • Melvyn Yeo
    An incredible macro photography collection of insects and other invertebrates.

Websites Featuring Portfolios and Art Resources

  • ArtStation
    ArtStation is a network for visual artists industry, that enables you to showcase your images, videos & models in a slick way.
  • DeviantArt
    The world's largest art site ranging from digital art to poetry and beyond. Work from all levels and talents can be found here.
  • IT'S ART
    This site offers a wide range of art related content such as interviews, tutorials, inspiration and much more!
  • Polycount
    A great art forum focusing almost exclusively on 3D art.
  • ZBrushCentral
    The official ZBrush forum showcasing stunning 3D sculpting work.
  • CGSociety
    A large online organization for digital artists featuring portfolios, workshops, forums and more.
  • Behance
    Adobe's online portfolio platform for all forms of digital art.
  • 2DGeek
    A great website with featured art, industry news, interviews, resources and more.

3D Models and Software

  • 3D Warehouse
    A massive free collection of downloadable models for Sketchup.
  • TF3DM
    Great user based community with a wide variety of free 3D models.
  • 3DArchive
    A massive collection of free 3D models, mostly focusing on interior design.
  • TurboSquid
    Undoubtedly the most extensive collection of 3D models on the web. There is also a large collection of free models available.
  • PixelSquid
    Large collection of spinnable 3D objects that can be imported directly into Photoshop.
  • Sketchup
    The easiest 3D software to learn. Limited modeling tools but great for quick blocking out of scenes.
  • Kitbash3D
    Great kitbashing resource for 3D models to quickly design and concept your world.
  • MODO
    A powerful and user-friendly 3D package, rapidly becoming the number one choice for concept artists.
  • ZBrush
    Simply the best and most common 3D sculpting software out there!
  • Eat3D
    Feed your brain with some of the best 3D tutorials out there!

Color Tools and Apps

  • Gamut Mask Tool
    Interactive color harmony tool for painters and visual artists.
  • Adobe Kuler
    User based color theme tool from Adobe with Photoshop integration.
  • ColorRotate
    A very different take on the color wheel. Take a look yourself!
  • Pictaculous
    Upload your picture and get the color palette.
  • Coolorus
    Amazing Photoshop color picker plugin with lots of options and control.
  • MagicPicker
    Another great color picker plugin for Photoshop to replace the default one.

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