As you know, we are creating Level Up! for free. And it will always be like that! However, there are costs of our web space, the Squarespace platform and such to be covered. Now, you can help us out and donate! If Level Up sessions helped you, consider donating 1$! It will help tremendously!

These are the awesome people that are helping us bring Level Up to life by donating various amounts through our PayPal! That money helps us bring better quality to our live streams (buying microphones/cameras) as well as different social events hosted on Facebook group, such as contests with prizes. 


A big thank you from the Level Up! team!

Emmanuel Shiu

Mathias Laurans

Franklin Chan

Justin Guse

Tin Tran

Lewis Henderson

Samuel Mburu

Christian Ugarte

Cheung Chi Chuen

Ben Palmans

Zhi Lin Lim

Mindaugas Purvis

Espen Olsen Sætervik

Kevin Robb

Michał Sałata

Patrick Kip

Luis Mira

Lukas Esch

David Metzger

Beat Reichenbach

Indah Siregar





Michał Motyka

ณัฐชยาพร แสงคำ

Seng Khai Ng

Stephen Zavala

Wen Juinn Png

Mariia Rodina

Alexander Rotary

Lasse Chris Aarøe

Roberto Gatto

Jakub Bazyluk

Michał Żytecki 

Ivan Lugomer

Milena Popgeorgieva

Jakub Politzer

Kévin Ané

Antoine Dupuis

Diego Borellini

Michael Nothdurft

Todor Hristov

Ramakrishna Suddapalli

Julian Lopez Galan


Hemal Patel

Colton Dubell

Jakub Mrówczyński

Alino Grabrovečki

Barnaby Berbank-Green

Kristan Benson

Carlos Andres Moscoso Cardona

Husah Alhudaithi 

Angel Ganev

Elenor Sophia Rigg

Bruno Bailliart

Jane Chiang

Yuling Shih

Tim Koster

Anthony Coffee

Adam Velazquez

Omair Khan

Jakub Bazyluk

Ahmed Aljohan

Shanaire Blythe